How do I return a case/keg that is out of code?

Please contact your sales representative or shoot an email to sales@pekkobeer.com. We will have one of our drivers pick up the out of code product within 72 hours and issue you a credit memo.


How do I get the "rare" or special release products?

We focus on building relationships with buyers and retailers. It is always difficult to determine allocations, but they are not solely based on volume of sales. Preference is often given to those who appreciate the breadth of our catalog.


I would like [insert product] from the Shelton Brothers portfolio, but it is not listed on your website. How do I go about getting this beer in my restaurant/bar or retail store?

While we are the supplier of the Shelton Brothers’ portfolio in DC, it is difficult for us to stock our warehouse with their full portfolio. That being said, we are more than willing to add products to our monthly orders with them.

Please contact doug@pekkobeer.com if you would like to place a special order from the Shelton Brothers.


Breweries & Producers

Why should I distribute with Pekko?

Pekko Beer Distribution specializes in organically growing brands into the D.C. market through strategic placement of product and allowing breweries to distribute on their own terms with commitments tailored to their needs. We are focused on maintaining the integrity of the beer throughout the supply chain. Temperature controlled storage facility, refrigerated transportation, and vetted retailers/restaurants are some of the ways we maintain that integrity.

Washington D.C. is a highly visible market with frequent visitors and industry events that draw national press (ex. Craft Brewers Conference & SAVOR). As a homegrown D.C. business, Pekko has an intimate knowledge into this unique hub for food & drink.

Contact us to start a conversation!



I don’t own a restaurant/bar or retail store, but I would like to buy beer from your portfolio. How can I do that?

We are fortunate that D.C. laws allow us to sell directly to individuals. If you plan on buying a few cases for an event or a party, we can make it happen!

If you are looking for a particular product from our portfolio, but don’t plan on purchasing more than a case, we can provide you a list of retailers that have ordered that product in the last 30 days.

Please reach out to us via our Contact page and we will be more than happy to help.